who doesn’t enjoy a handwritten postcard? and how great is it to receive one every now and then from somebody you know or don’t know? with this in mind tante netty started the project PST…a letter, from a central hub residents could write and send letters to other locals. the temporary neighbourhood postman was very …

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excerpts from the annual report booklet I made for “grafisch atelier daglicht”  a workshop with a variety of different printing tools where professional artists can realise their graphic work independently.

All year round woensel West is woensel west, except for one special weekend in the summer when it organises a small multicultural festival and becomes woensel westival. I wanted the logo to express this change, and therefor decided that it should be a dynamic identity which the visitors can influence.

threadless cats vs dogs competition; a weary battle scarred pug wearing a cat fur and leaning on a feline skull, contemplating the war which has no beginning.

Two person moire-swing, the rocking motion moves two OHP sheets (with interchangeable patterns) over the top of each other, creating moire effects which are projected onto the wall.

For ‘street poetry’ social design collective tante netty invited artists to play in their house graveyard,  dozens of designs graced the typical workers houses in woensel west from september 2013 until march 2014.

mural contribution for street poetry; i decided to mainly paint the metal shutters with the hope that the characters would live on once their purpose on this building is over. see the other contributions —>