created this poster for the “knutsel kids” a local arts and crafts group in the neighbourhood, they wanted something flashy and cute on which they could write their own texts. 

inspired by our recent snow graffiti we decided to do a workshop stencilling for the the kids  we designed five different types of stencils for each body part, the children had to role dice to create their random artwork animal.

it snowed a little last night, so we did some guerrilla snow graffiti with water colour and a plant sprayer,  who knew that snow is such a great canvas

air-pong two players, two pumps, two goals and one ball. air-pong is a very simple but extremely addictive game (just like the original pong)

album art for the ska band “the scattered lights” they come from Eindhoven so they desperately wanted me to incorporate the philips logo

found this old baby shoe in the second hand store, so i bought it, painted the inside black and drew some teeth on it. turned out pretty macabre