illustrations for Jetske Visser and Marthe Biezen’s ‘VergeetdeMensNiet’ campaign aimed at acceptance and awareness of dementia, and serve as a practical tool to support carers in their caring activities. 

poster promoting the event ‘woensel wenst’ people could plant their wish in the vacant field where they will be building new homes very soon.

“wa de pot schaft” apron illustration for Brabant Maakt a shop with contemporary and quirky products from Brabant with Illustrations, music, designs, tasty things and simply skon spul from young artists and local businesses ‘t kumt gelijk hier vandoan (comes from here)

is the woman that has been shovelling snow from the doorsteps of her neighbours house a hero? Or the man who rescued the cat from the tree? Maybe your grandmother is a hero for cheering you up when you’re feeling down. vet portret is a project about paying tribute to the silent heros around us …

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poster and sketches for tante netty’s special bags walking route / exhibition, in the windows of local houses and stores.

designed an ear shaped eraser inspired by van gogh (the earaser,) now available at fred and friends