During Dutch Design Week (18-26 October) We created, in collaboration with Tante Netty, the roundabout of Sin: a playful sanctuary and outdoor exhibition where the busy Dutch Design Week visitors can relax in the specially designed chairs by local designers and lap up all the goodies of neighbourhood restaurant “In de Voortuin.”

Down with garden furniture, long live the monobloc!

The beautiful white garden chair, the Monobloc, has an awful image. nowadays It is therefore often exchanged for a clunky beige lounge set. But the simplicity and versatility of the Monobloc, however, can’t be beaten – a timeless icon, with excellent comfort! Time to grant this contemporary white garden chair the praise it deserves.

With “Pak ‘n Stoel” Tante Netty pays tribute to the most underrated garden chair – the chair that is so characteristic of her own neighbourhood.

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